PreferredOne No Longer Part of MNSure Health Exchange

As of next year, Minnesota’s health exchange MNsure will no longer be able to sell PreferredOne health plans. This comes as a blow to the exchange, as PreferredOne has made up about 59% of the MNsure market share. However, MNsure still has at least four other insurers available. An article from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal discusses the reasoning behind the split, and speculates the implications.

Initial Health Care Premium Information

We are beginning to see initial information on Health Care premiums for individuals in the new Marketplaces.

U.S. News and World Report recently wrote an interesting article.

In addition, the graph below compares the Kaiser Annual Premium Study averages for the past three years to the Exchange rates released from the Avalere study and MN Sure for self only coverage. The light blue graphs are the Avelere rates for 25 year olds (young), 40 year olds (middle age), and 60 year olds (Old). The yellow line represents the Avalere average of the three age categories. The purple line is the same average of the age categories for the MN Sure rates.

Watch for additional information.

2013 Early Exchange Premium Comparisons to Kaiser Study Averages