Additional Time for Federal Marketplace Health Care Enrollment

With the March 31 deadline on the horizon, many Americans are worried about enrolling in health plans. Federal officials acknowledged this predicament by extending the deadline for those who have started the application process on Getting an extension is as simple as checking the box that you tried to apply before the deadline. An article from the Washington Post has the details.

Health Care Reform: A Look at Enrollment Numbers

As of the end of February, over 4.2 million people have signed up for insurance through the exchanges implemented by the Affordable Care Act. About 25% of those signing up for insurance plans are young adults, who play a pivotal role in the prospective success of the Affordable Care Act.  The final date for open enrollment is March 31, 2014.  CNNMoney takes a look at the numbers and outlook for the last month of enrollment.

Shortage of Doctors and the Impact on Health Care Reform

The new federal budget that was recently released aims in part to remedy the current doctor shortage. With rising population and prices, and falling competition, this shortage of doctors could have a substantial negative impact on the application of Health Care Reform. Roughly $5.23 billion is proposed to be used over the next 10 years in an attempt to bring up the number of available physicians. While this may be a step in the right direction, some worry that it doesn’t even begin to touch the underlying problem. An article from CNN Money’s Fortune Blog discusses the issue.

Health Care Reform Resources

At Eide Bailly we continue to provide resources to our clients and friends about Health Care Reform happenings. Below are two links to articles of possible interest.

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