ACA Subsidies Upheld by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently ruled that subsidies can indeed be accessed by people in all 50 states, even those who are taking advantage of the federal exchange through This ruling was upheld 6 to 3.  The Supreme Court case stemmed from wording in the ACA legislative language which referred to exchanges (i.e. marketplaces) qualifying for subsidies as exchanges “established by the State”.  The Supreme Court ruled today that the word “State” refers to both state and federal based exchanges.  The following articles offer additional insight.

USA Today article

New York Times article

Wall Street Journal article


Employer-Sponsored Health Care Rates Remain Steady

With the launch of public and private exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, individuals seeking healthcare now have additional options. However, employers are still deeming it important to offer insurance coverage. According to recent data from the Urban Institute, 83% of workers between the ages of 18 and 64 have the option to be covered under insurance by their employer, and 87% of these individuals chose to take advantage of that option.

A recent Business Insurance article has more on these numbers.