Employer Penalties for Certain 2014 Health Premiums

A change in insurance tax law that occurred on January 1, 2014 may make your business subject to many thousands of dollars in penalties. If your business utilizes an Employee Payment Plan, there are a couple different ways to deal with employee premiums and reimbursements. If your business is an S Corporation, Employee Payment Plans become extra tricky, as S Corp shareholders are often treated as partners. A Forbes article explains these complications in detail.

Republican Bill to Redefine “Part Time” in Affordable Care Act

With the GOP in the Senate majority, the Affordable Care Act could see some changes. A Republican bill has been launched that is aiming to raise the threshold of working hours from 30 to 40 hours per week. This would, in theory, hinder employers from being tempted to cut the hours of their employees in order to avoid having to offer health care coverage. The following article explains.