Health Care Reform and Job Lock

“Job Lock” is an economic term that refers to the concept of workers remaining in their current position only to reap the benefits of their current health plan.  According to the Journal of Health Economics, certain aspects of Health Care Reform such as the insurance marketplace will likely prevent this from happening so often. An article from ThinkProgress discusses this further.

New U.S Health and Human Services Secretary Nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Recently, Kathleen Sebelius resigned as the U.S Health and Human Services secretary, and last week, President Obama nominated Sylvia Mathews Burwell to the position. Burwell’s goal is to shed a more positive light on the Affordable Care Act where it is not being received with popularity. Will a “new face” be able to positively impact Obamacare in the public eye? An article from Health Day discusses.

Medicare Enrollment & Expansion

Over 7 million Americans have signed up for healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. This has led to more individuals accessing Medicaid benefits, in which open enrollment continues year-round. However, the same benefits are not available for every state. The White House blog notes which states are refusing Medicaid expansion, and how this will impact enrollment and insurance coverage.